About Us


Our mission is to deliver joy

and cheer


a quality, craft experience.


You know that baffling and defeating feeling…

of not finding that one gift that’s sure to ‘wow’ the recipient – something that meets your expectation for what they deserve?

After going through this process myself, I founded Craft Brew Bouquet in 2016. My mission was to create a gift-giving experience that would put a glowing smile on the recipient’s face and leave those around them impressed and struck by curiosity. Kind of like getting flowers, but with a tasty twist.

Inspired by the Pacific Northwest’s strong and vibrant craft beer culture, Craft Brew Bouquet became my vision for delivering that impactful experience. We take the passion, care, and creativity of craft beer and use them to help you make life’s moments more memorable (and delicious).

Every bouquet is filled with award-winning, flagship, and limited-release craft brews we’ve hand-picked with a critical eye – you can’t just get them anywhere. Our selection favors quality over quantity, is 100% cultivated from the Pacific Northwest, and comprised of beers from the region’s finest craft brewers.

We partner with artisans that want you to taste the quality, creativity, and craftsmanship in their brews because they live for inventing and innovating exceptional beer and sharing it with those that appreciate every last drop.

The unique and creative impression you’ll leave with a Craft Brew Bouquet will be a lasting memory… Well, unless your lucky recipient drinks them all at once… but it’ll still be amazing!


Cindy Crigler | Founder