Gifts They’ll Cheers For!

Sick of the same old client gifts? Congratulations to you for ditching the tin of dry cookies and finding a delicious, creative business gift! We pride ourselves in making a lasting impression so we will be the perfect fit.


Why Choose Craft Brew Bouquet?

  • Each craft beer and wine is hand picked for premium quality and taste (did we mention award winners and rare bottles?!)

  • We work with small craft breweries and wineries to create a special pairing you won’t find anywhere else 

  • Each bouquet comes with gourmet snacks, a bottle opener, and a card

  • Each bottle in the bouquet is different - no generic 6 packs here

  • Our bouquets have a bold, premium presentation in custom crates and gift boxes


Our Top 10 Business Gifts:

  1. Client appreciation

  2. Thank you for your business 

  3. End of year/holiday gifts

  4. Birthdays

  5. Congratulations on the new project launch

  6. Speaker gifts

  7. Corporate events

  8. Employee engagement

  9. Welcome packages

  10. Because beer and wine!

Ready to Save the Day with Beer and Wine Bouquets?

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